Nick Mac Audio

•Audio Recording & Mixing Engineer•

My Name Is Nick Mac. I was raised in Riverside Ca, just 60 miles outside of LA. From a very young age I've been  obsessed with music. At the age of 9 I dug through the garage and wired up my mom's 70's Pioneer radio which became my vehicle for musical discovery. I would spend hours tuning in to Oldies stations, pop stations, and even local Norteño stations hoping to hear sounds I hadn't heard before. As a teenager I picked up a guitar as most kids do in the suburbs, from that moment on I was hooked, It without a doubt saved my life. From those early days forward I've dedicated my life and purpose to making and recording music.  

Shortly after graduating high school I traveled the U.S. with my band at the time, "A Shipwreck A Castaway." After a few years with "ASAC," I branched out and began working with other bands from Southern California as a guitarist and record producer. While I wasn't on the road I ran a recording studio from home. After operating my home studio for a few years, the time came to make audio engineering my full time career. I attended RECW, an accredited program through Capitol University in Ohio, and finished with honors at the top of my class. 

After finishing at RECW I began freelancing and working as an on call staff engineer at Perfect Sound LA, while still playing music with my current group, Gravler. Since then, I've worked my up to a full time engineering position and have had the pleasure of working with many fantastic and exciting projects.  Some artists I've have the pleasure of working with include Post Malone, Tyla Yaweh, YG, Macklemore, Blac Youngsta, Machine Gun Kelly, Skrillex, and more. I'm Very thankful to have come from such a diverse musical background and can't wait to see where the road goes from here. Whether it’s recording, mixing, or mastering; let’s make something special.

-Nick Mac